River, Bear Your Bones

Second album from Capricorns, released in 2008.


Those of you who caught Capricorns in 2007 at All Tomorrows Parties or on their European tour last summer, witnessed a very different animal.

They were still the vicious juggernaut they have always been but this time around the tempos were a hell of a lot faster, the arrangements more technically adept and the Prog rock (its not a dirty word any more folks!) tendencies, only hinted at previously, had come boldly to the fore. Aided by the frenetic urgency of new drummer, Nathan Perrier (ex Conflict), ‘River, Bear your Bones, their hotly anticipated third release for Rise Above, is a Frankensteinian sum of parts that slaps together the last forty years of rock and its outer limits, whilst simultaneously managing to avoid the tired clichs (well, the shittiest ones anyway) of the heavy genre.

Track Listing
1. Broken Coffin of the Venerable KIng 8:45
2. Seventh Child of a Seventh Child 5:49
3. Tempered with the Blood of Beasts 6:56
4. November Suicides 5:36
5. Owing to the Fogs 7:24
6. The Bells Rang Backwards 5:49
7. A Savage Race by Shipwrecks Fed 6:58
8. Drinking Water from the Skull of a Hanged Man 10:55